Storage and Care

Shaded Dust Bags containing hats on the beach

All hats deserve love and aftercare. Which is why every purchase will come with a 100% recycled cotton Shaded Dust Bag.

To keep your hat in pristine condition, we highly advise storing it in its dust bag whenever it's not being worn - this'll naturally keep the dust off and avoid any discolouration the hat could come in contact with.
For removing any unwanted fibres and fluff off the hat, simply use a trusty clothes lint roller.

If your hat suffers a freak accident and is misshapen, steam is your answer! Simply use a steamer or iron on the steam setting to mold it back to its original shape using your fingers and palms. Reanact the pottery scene from Ghost if you must. The hat should pop quickly back into shape.

If you have a specific query, please email us directly.